Fresh Look
At Traditional Customer Data

With the power of AI, we bring together online and offline data to understand your best customers and what motivates them.

What We Do
For Your Customer Insights

Increase Sales

Create a look-a-like of your most qualified contacts. Generate more revenue per new customer.

Increase Response

More intelligent direct mail targets means more offline and online engagement.

Increase Brand Awareness

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Marketers Struggle finding signal across all their customer data

More than 50% of marketing spend is wasted because brands lack visibility into their ideal customers or are not segmenting their audiences.

More than data intelligence, we marketers seeking ROAS

Infopact Analytics looks at offline, online and intent data to make intelligent decisions about which consumers are your ideal customers. Either working alongside your current response data, or looking and market metrics, IA models and lists are designed to evolve with markets and your brand.

Our Lists
Speak Volumes

AI Modeling

The smartest modeling system, backed by the data to generate intelligent insights about your best customers.

Plug and Play

Consumer profiles that can immediately be converted into offline and online audiences you can engage with.

Tracking and Reporting

Track the results of your marketing campaign and feed those results into future lists creation.

Work with Infopact
get direct mail guarantee

In addition to the increase in direct mail response, our savings have been massive because our marketing investment is much more targeted. The outcomes are better than any agency we’ve ever worked with.

Joe B. CFO

We now have clear visibility into our audiences and know exactly who we are marketing to at an individual customer level. In addition to unifying our offline and online channels, we are tracking each customer through the whole sales funnel.

Corey W. CEO

As a digital marketing agency, Infopact Analytics has become very important to our top of funnel strategy. We are massively growing our customer base through key insights and actionable marketing advice from the IA team.

Cliff D. CMO

Infopact Analytics

We don’t stop at data. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your campaigns. With our advanced analytics services, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers, their buying patterns, and their preferences. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your marketing strategies to deliver maximum impact.

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