A Proven Methodology

Unique Solutions For
Your Unique Business

No two businesses are exactly alike.

That’s why we use our Marketing Evolution Process to fully understand the marketing channels and funnels you’re using to acquire new customers.

From there, our team will craft a customized solution that will achieve your unique business goals.


Analyze your customers and/or
historical prospecting efforts.


Create new, highly-targeted prospecting lists
to increase your conversion rate.


Feed engagement and conversion data
back into our models.


Produce even better performing lists going forward
campaign-over-campaign as data is collected.

RESULT: Decrease CPA and increase LTV.

Our Process In Action

Pet Wellness Direct, an online retailer of premium pet health supplements, wanted to better understand their customers’ personas and buying habits. Who are they? What motivates them to purchase? When is the best time and channel(s) to reach them? PWD also needed immediate results.


We analyzed PWD’s database and marketing lists as well as historical sales performance to gain a holistic understanding of their broad range of customers.


We created a segmented view of PWD’s customers and the best media channels to engage them on. IA was able to provide customer insights that supported with creative decision-making and provided the ability for highly-personalized marketing at scale. IA then delivered a variety of look-a-like audiences (prospecting lists in the millions) of PWD’s best customers based on LTV (lifetime value).


IA ingested the performance data of the new audiences to improve the model and further optimize. This process continues to be repeated on a monthly basis.


PWD was able to reduce CPA, which in turn allowed for increased growth over all primary media channels. Additionally IA’s insights and personalization recommendations directly contributed to an increase in repeat purchases – both compliance and continuity. IA’s look-a-like audiences continue to regularly outperform by over 32% other methods of audience targeting.

More Evidence

National Retail Chain


National retail chain wanted to increase the volume of merchandise sold at a non-discounted price and reduce marketing dollars to acquire new customers


IA produced a custom model for customer analysis to understand the differences between customers that drive higher sales at their stores through the purchase of more items at full retail price.


Retailer was able to predict at a 92% accuracy if a customer would result in higher sales per customer, improving efficiency of advertising spend through more targeted advertising, and contributing to an overall increase in revenues and profit. The model was used to attract qualified new customers with more targeted advertising, which resulted in millions of dollars in advertising savings in the first year alone.






Data varies by region
and language

Lack of engagement

Order processes and communications


Created a global standardization of product data

Drive sales through identification and incentives to sales leaders

Automate and provide detailed order tracking data to operations
to assure timely product deliveries


Data consistency, simplified management of data

Increased sales communications

Increased operational efficiency reduced waste, increased timeliness of product delivery






Standardization of data

Data management


Identified data integrity issues in data warehousing

Automated invoice processing for patient care


Increased data security and integrity

Reduced resources & costs, faster processing times

I highly recommend
the Infopact team

In addition to the increase in revenue, the savings have been massive because our marketing dollars have been much more targeted. I highly recommend the Infopact team. They have the experience and knowledge of a veteran data team, but their ideas and approach to data is truly groundbreaking
Joe B.

You don’t know what you
don’t know until you know

Prior to Infopact Analytics, we did not have the insight about our audiences as we do now. We depended on platforms like Facebook to covertly find our audiences for us while we were held captive to their platform as media costs continued to rise.

We now have a clear understanding of our audience segments, know exactly who we’re marketing to at a consumer record level, and can have seamless conversation with each of them throughout our entire sales funnel. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know. Now we know and our ability to scale is off the charts

Chris M.

It’s been a real game-changer
for our agency!

As a digital marketing agency, Infopact Analytics has become a very important partner for us. It’s allowed us to massively grow our client’s businesses through the efficiencies gained as a result of having the consumer insights, prospecting data, and the predictive modeling that ties it all together.
Clif H.


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